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Fun fact: the human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton.

Also the equator is long enough that it’ll wrap around the world exactly once.

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Jennifer Mehigan is a young Irish artist based in Singapore. Colours… colours!

i miss drawing

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"26% were sexually assaulted at shelters"


If you wear jeans, you’re not a woman: Transphobia at women’s shelters » Zinnia Jones

34% of trans women who had attempted to access shelters were denied entry outright. Of the respondents who did manage to access a shelter, 25% were evicted after it became known that they were trans. 55% were harassed by shelter staff or residents, and 29% of trans women were physically assaulted. 26% were sexually assaulted at shelters. Overall, 47% were treated so poorly that they chose to leave the shelter.

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"The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind."

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